What Is Siza Safari?

Siza Safari stems from some very concerned people in the southern African tourism industry wanting to assist accommodation providers and their staff during these very difficult times brought on by the Covid 19 pandemic.
With a complete lock down in the short term, severe long term travel restrictions and possible reticence by people to travel even after receiving official sanction to do so, accommodation providers in our region are faced with severe cash flow shortages. These shortages in turn result in the many of thousands of people employed within the accommodation sector facing the very real possibility of becoming unemployed. In the rural areas where most lodges are situated each staff member often supports up to 10 dependents. Without an income these people may have to rely on bush meat sourced through poaching in order to feed their families. Job losses therefore can realistically be expected to have serious ramifications for both people and wildlife and conservation.
While we have every faith in the establishments that we have partnered with surviving these turbulent times, the cost for their staff may be too high. These establishments all have a wonderful offering and product, their rooms and experiences, in abundance, however their clientele are understandably currently  unable to commit to specific travel dates in the future. This is where the Siza Safari Vouchers come into play. 
Many future guests of these lodges, hotels and country retreats have the desire, and indeed intention, to travel to these establishments between now and the 30th of June 2021. Unfortunately this desire alone will not assist these establishments and their staff in the current time frame. The Siza Safari Voucher changes this. By offering discounts of at least 50% on current rates when purchasing a Siza Voucher, we offer guests the chance to travel between now and the 30th of June 2021* at hugely discounted rates. It's a real win/win situation; you the guest get to travel to some very special places at VERY special rates and the establishments and their staff get a lifeline in these very difficult times through bolstered cash flow.
* Some establishments have a few block out dates when the Siza Vouchers are not valid, but these terms are clearly set out on each establishment's page.
With the opening of accommodation establishments, some properties have opted to no longer offer vouchers, but are offering fantastic Southern African residents' (SADC) rates. These rates are also featured on our side alongside the orange "Special" icon. These specials can be booked via Siza Safari.
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